Add mask to material

I am trying to segment a membrane of a 3D EM iamge (it can’t be done with the MembraneClickTracker) and when I brush it and interpolate the images and add it to my mask, it creates this purple outline which denotes the masked area. I am able to render a figure of the masked outline (which is GREAT), but I would like to be able to add this outline to a material, so I can view multiple objects on ONE figure.

Hi @khelanp16,
if I correctly understand the problem, you need to make a new model and copy into it the created mask.
To do so,

  1. press the “+” button in the segmentation panel to start a new model and add a new (first) material to it.
  2. select the Mask material in a table of the segmentation panel and press “Alt+A” to copy the mask layer to the selection layer (will be highlighted in green).
  3. select in the same table this new material and press Shift+A to move the content of the selection layer to it.
    I hope this helps!


Unfortunately this is not my question. I already know how to transfer a selected region of interest to a model. My question is specifically about outlining. When I have already created my masked area (it is highlighted in purple) I would like to use that OUTLINE to render a model, so that the inside is hollow.


in this case you need to have a hollow model.It can be created as

  1. highlight the mask with Alt+A
  2. check the difference checkbox in the selection panel
  3. define the strel size, in the same panel
  4. press Shift+X to dilate or Shift+Z to erode the selected mask
    as result you will get an outline of the mask with the width specified with the strel size parameter. You can assign this difference to a new model and visualize.
    You can also try the same operation but with enabled “3D” check box of the selection panel. In this case erosion and dilation operations will be done in 3D and you won’t get any holes in the generated outline.

That worked!! Thank you so much!!