Add functions to code completion

Just wondering how to make visible available macro functions that do not currently show up in the code completion.

The new daily build comes with a Roi grroup attribute than can be set via the macro-language too like


It would be great if they show up in the code completion !
Where am I supposed to have a look for that ?
@haesleinhuepf :wink:

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Hey @LThomas,

congrats to your addition to core ImageJ :wink: I think these ROI groups can be very helpful.

Regarding additions to the auto-complete: I would wait a little moment until the website has documentation about the new methods listed:

I can then sync the content for you to this file:

It’s overdue obviously anyway.

You can also do it via PR, but please note: There are some intentional differences between these two files enabling the auto-complete to parse the HTML correctly. If you use a diff-tool, they will be obvious:


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Hello Robert,
if you have time, can you check for the code completion for the RoiManager.selectGroup and RoiManager.setGroup functions, they are noew documented on the macro function reference documentation.
Thanks !