Add colour / LUT to 'Channel Tool' in Fiji


I was wondering if there is a way to add an additional colour or LUT to the “More” menu of the “Channel Tool”.
I use some LUTs for certain cellular markers on a regular basis, and that option would come in handy.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @fkraus ,
I don’t think you can modify the built-in Channel Tool.

But you have alternatives like adding the following macros to your StartupMacros.ijm :

  • make your own menu with your favorite LUTs :
var myShortcutsMenu = newMenu("Yo Menu Tool",
	newArray("Grays","Cyan","Magenta","Yellow","Red","Green","Blue","-","BOP blue","BOP purple","BOP orange"));
macro "Yo Menu Tool - C000T0b11YT6b09O" {
	cmd = getArgument();
	if (cmd!="-") run(cmd);
  • create a keyboard shortcut for your favorite LUTs : (numerical keys here)
macro "Gray [n1]"  		 {run("Grays");}
macro "Green [n2]" 		 {run("Green");}
macro "Red [n3]" 		 {run("Red");}

And finally, you might want to check out this toolset, that could be handy for daily hyperstacks handling.