ACTION REQUIRED: Critical security release of OMERO coming March 25th

On Wednesday, March 25th, at 3pm UTC (11am EDT) the OME team will release OMERO.server 5.6.1 and OMERO.web 5.6.3 including fixes for multiple security vulnerabilities, one of them of CRITICAL SEVERITY. You are strongly advised to schedule server downtime for that same day for immediate upgrade. All versions of OMERO including the 5.4 and 5.5 series should be considered at risk.

OMERO 5.6 introduced new prerequisites for its operating environment on the host platform, notably including Python 3. This upgrade will require the same of its environment. Ensure that you have OMERO 5.6 running before March 25th to guarantee a smooth upgrade.

Further information regarding the security vulnerabilities will be released alongside the fixes.


The OME team

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You now have only two weeks left to prepare for this critical security release of OMERO. If you do not yet have your OMERO 5.6 server running because you are running into some problem with the upgrade then please do start a new thread in to ask for help.

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Only one week left now. Be ready to upgrade OMERO next Wednesday.

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After some weeks of testing and preparation today we released OMERO 5.6.1.