Acquisition software for live brightness and contrast for old Olympus F-view Camera (e.g. micro-manager?)

I am new to this forum, so please be patient if I missed some recommendations.

We have an Olympus F-view Camera mounted on a BX61WI microscope and connected to an old computer running on Windows XP.
For our application, it would be crucial to be able to easily adjust brightness and contrast live during acquisition but it seems this possibility is not available on the software that we have: cell^F 2.8 (Build 1235, Function Table 1075, Acquisition extended).

Does anybody have suggestions on how to add this feature to this software or on similar software with this simple feature that is compatible with our camera and OS?

I read, for instance, about these two software:
Micro-Manager (ImageJ):

Does anybody know if they should be compatible with the Olympus F-view Camera and with Windows XP?

Thanks !

Hi ggrass, welcome to the forum.

Have you seen this

BTW, µManager has a specific forum

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Thanks a lot! That is useful!

Seconding Hazen’s advice on Microforum. Postings tagged with “micro-manager” arrive in my email inbox (and many others interested in Micro-Manager), otherwise they may not be seen. Most Micro-Manager related positions are on rather than Microforum. Your microscope works with MM (I think), but there is no native support for your camera. Searching online for “Olympus F-view Micro-Manager” brings up some old discussions, but it looks like no one came up with an easy solution.

In general, given the amount of work involved in writing code for camera, it is much cheaper to buy a supported camera. For less than $500 you can get a machine vision camera that most likely has much better specs than your Olympus F-view.


Sorry for the misleading advice. I have corrected the post.


No worries! Micro-Manager in belongs on both forums, and has a presence on both (but only posts tagged “micro-manager” will be see for sure). Most discussions happen on this forum.