Acquisition on Zyla 4.2 gets stuck on micro-manager 1.4

I am using micro-manager 1.4 (latest nightly build) for long acquisitions (1000’s of frames) on an Andor Zyla 4.2 sCMOS. The hardware configuration only includes the device adapters for the Zyla and for the light source - a Lumencor Sola.

During these long acquisitions, at some random frame (could be 100 or 4000), micro-manger gets stuck - it leaves the light source on, and stops responding.

I think there might be miscommunication between the camera and the software, but micro-manager does not issue any error.

Did anyone encounter a similar problem?

It does sound like the code gets stuck in the SnapImage function of the Andor device adapter. It is probably best to contact Andor support.