Accessing the SQLite results data base produced by cell profiler

Hi! I am in the stage of working with the measurements obtained with Cell Profiler. My Data is exported to a Data Base, and I have selected SQLite as I don’t have a server. I will do the data processing with Origin Lab, which asks me for a Data Source Name, as well as password for the import. (I have already downloaded and installed OBDC driver) I am really confused since the advantage of SQLite is that I don’t need a server, and the data base is not password protected? I would much appreciate some guidance as I’m totally lost on how to access my data. Thanks!

Not an OriginLab user, but they do seem to have documentation on interacting with SQLite- if that doesn’t work, you can always either switch to ExportToSpreadsheet or use a program like DBBrowser to export your data out of the SQLite to a form OriginLab is happier with afterwards.