Accessing Image After Z-Spacing Correction Plugin

I work with 4D image stacks that often contains motion artifacts, and being able to reorder my slices according to their apparant Z depth would be very helpful. I’ve tried using the Z-Spacing Correction plugin but it only outputs the corrected image in a Big Data Viewer format. How do I export a big data viewer image to a regular old ImageJ stack? Or better yet, how do I get Z-Spacing Correction to output the result as a regular old stack that I can work with? Thanks.

@hanslovsky is most likely to know about this.


Thanks for pinging me @bogovicj

@DonkeyKong92 there is an issue for this on the github repo:

Unfortunately, this is not very high on the list of my priorities right now so I do not have a near-future timeline for this fix.

If you would like to contribute, a pull request with a fix would be highly appreciated. The relevant code is at

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@DonkeyKong92 I did find some time to work on this issue today, actually:

With the next release of z-spacing this should be available (and downstream in Fiji soon thereafter).


That’s great thanks! Looking forward to it

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@DonkeyKong92 I just released version 1.1.0, so hopefully this will be reflected downstream in Fiji soon.