Accessing histogram data BAR plugin using macro

I use the distribution plotter of the BAR plugin using the following macro command;
run(“Distribution Plotter”, “replace=[External file…] open=D:/myData.csv parameter=eqdiam tabulate=[Number of values] automatic=Freedman-Diaconis bins=0”);

You can then use the button at the bottom of the graph [Data >> Copy 1st dataset]

This will put the histogram data to the clipboard.
I want to further process this histogram data (bin-value, count) and like to copy it to a results table so it can be accessed.

Is it possible to do that in a macro?
The macro recorder remains empty when I use the button …

Use the built-in macro function Plot.getValues(). Here is an example:

// Generate some data to be plotted
run("Blobs (25K)");
setOption("Area", true)
run("Analyze Particles...", "display clear");

// Generate the histogram
run("Distribution Plotter", "parameter=Area tabulate=[Number of values] automatic=Freedman-Diaconis");

// Store histogram values in variables binCenter and binValue
Plot.getValues(binCenter, binValue); 

// One can now access the values as regular arrays
for (i=0; i<binCenter.length; i++)
	print(binCenter[i], binValue[i]);

// To copy values to the clipboard:
for (i=0; i<binCenter.length; i++)
	String.append(binCenter[i] +","+ binValue[i] + "\n");

Ah, this is even better than I hoped for. Did not realise BAR was outputting to a standard plot. Thank you tferr.