Accessing BoneJ2 Results Table via ImageJ-Matlab

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I am using boneJ2 via the ImageJ-Matlab interface. I would like to get numerical results from the “BoneJ results” table back to Matlab, but it does not appear as though the results window is treated as a table in Fiji. In the old versions, using Miji and boneJ1, I was using results = MIJ.getResultsTable();, and I was hoping there was a similar, direct way to get results.
Is there a programmatic workaround with boneJ2 and ImageJ-Matlab to automatically store numerical results?

Side note, copy and paste of the results does not appear to work when boneJ2 is being run via Matlab. Nonetheless, copy and paste would not address automatic, programmatic gathering of the results.
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I am currently having the same problem. Did you ever find a solution?

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@alessandrofelder Do you have ideas for this?

I found a solution here :

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Thank you for the update. How did you get it to work, and what is your workflow now? Improvements to the result table are important for us.

I downloaded scijava-table-0.4.1-SNAPSHOT.jar and scijava-plugins-io-table-0.2.0.jar and put them in my jars directory, then updated Fiji. This allows to make a File > Export > Table… command appear. Since its a command I can call it without problem from within Matlab to save the “BoneJ results” table and then open the file in Matlab.
Doing so makes quit a few errors appear in the console but works anyway.


OK thanks! Will see what we have to do to get it integrated into the user distribution. We are tracking exactly this issue here: