Accessing 3D object counter statistics from Macro



Dear all,

We are planning to detect largest 3D object from binarized volume. To do this, we need to access Statistics table, which is displayed after the 3D Object Counter command. However, I cannot access the “Volume” column using getResult(“Volume”,i);. Moreover, we cannot access total number of objects using nResults(). Is there any simple way to access the result of 3D object Counter via macro?




Using IJ.renameResults(oldName,newName), you should be able to rename the Statistics table to “Results” to make it accessible from the macro functions.

For analysis of 3D objects, I’d also recommend having a look at MorphoLibJ as well as KNIME Image Processing which has extensive 3D measurement capabilities.


Hi @miura_takashi,

… and 3D ImageJ Suite, so as to be quite exhaustive on 3D capabilities.




It worked. Thank you very much!