Access omero server with huygens remote Manager


I tried to connect my omero server to my huygens remote manager but it failed.

My Omero server works fine on ubuntu 20.04 with version 3.6.3 of omero.

My Huygens server works fine also on ubuntu 18.04. I installed omero prerequistes from this link Install the prerequisites — Huygens Remote Manager 3.7 documentation

So when i go to the HRM launch raw images importer, i can click on the omero import logo, i’ve the right login window from omero, insert my right id/pwd from omero, and when i clic submit, i’ve the “Logging into OMERO failed, please try again!” message in hrm raw images webpage.

I’ve look on the hrm log (/var/log/hrm/hrm.log) and the only error message i have is

hrm.WARNING: OMERO connector: > bin/ --user 'xxxxxx' --password [********] 'checkCredentials'
hrm.WARNING: OMERO connector: ERROR: checkCredentials():

Do you know what kind of problem it come from ?
Where can i find the right log on my omero server to investigate the problem ?


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Hi @jmaton

I’m afraid your version combination is just too new at the moment. We’re actively working (read “we” = @Felix_1 in this case) on porting it to the latest versions, but it’s not ready yet - sorry.

We’ll keep you updated on this!


OK thanks for your reply.
So I will wait.
Best regards.