Accesing camera gain for Zelux cameras in uManager 2

Hi, I’m currently using a Thorlabs Zelux camera (CS165MU1) with both ThorCam 3.5.1 software and with Micromanager 2.0. In the ThorCam software, I can access camera gain, but there is no “gain” setting in the device property browser in Micromanager. I took a glance at the TSI adapters and I see that there seem to be 2 sets of files, one with the prefix “TSI,” and one with the prefix “TSI3.” I see that the files with the prefix “TSI” have functions to get and set the gain, but the files with the prefix “TSI3” do not. Is there an easy way I can get access to the gain in Micromanager? Thanks!

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It is best to ask Thorlabs. They maintain the code for the device adapters.

Update from Thorlabs - they do not currently support this function, but have added it to their development queue. They will let me know when this feature is added.