About the picture format of the CellProfiler

Hello, I want to know what kind of picture format that could loading to the CellProfiler for the analyzation? Just the *cd and *mat? If I use SEM to take photos, and the format that I get is *jpg or *tif, is that means I couldn’t load these picture to this software? Or could you please give me the connection of your department that could give me some advise?


You can certainly use TIF or JPG, though not all formats are equally good; see this FAQ item for details.

I recommend checking out checking out some of the example images/pipelines from our Examples page. We don’t have any SEM examples, but the pipelines there should point you in the right direction as to how to load images into CellProfiler in general.

Also, from the SEM mages I’ve seen, they’re often quite big. CellProfiler often runs into a memory/performance limit for images much larger than 2000 x 2000 pixels, so keep that in mind.