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I am new to analysis porosity calculation from SEM image.
How can i calculate porosity calculation from given 2D image.

Hi Suresh,
you should probably explain it more what you have and what you want.
Please refer to a similar topic:

The general strategy is to segment the pores (for example, using black-and-white thresholding) and run standard analysis of these segmented areas (for example, to measure diameter). In addition, you can calculate their density from the coordinates of centroids. Alternatively, you can use tools for measurements and measure the pores manually.

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Hello mrpsuresh83,
You will have a lot of difficulty doing anything with this image unless you determine the size of what you consider a pore. There are no round images as you may be expecting, and you will not be able to determine what is a pore without it being a 3D image as you cannot tell if the passage goes entirely through the image. So consider a typical size you would use to define a pore because there are very many different ways to do what you want, and we would like to help in the best way possible for your needs.


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Your image has an intensity range of 255,so if you sliced your image into 255 individual slices 1 intensity level at a time then image 149 would have the smallest ‘choke’ of the stack. That means it has the smallest spaces at this level and likewise the smallest pore as the term is conventionally used. It most likely is the point you may want to start with.
Here is a small example of what can be done with your image for your research, so you can see what I mean.
1stSample_Stack_Zcorr_Hmovie.zip (817.7 KB)
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Just a note that you should have a look at a post by Kamran from Sept.'18 and strangely similar topic including the image. Several other people also responded to it with contributions.
Thought you might be interested.