About Human_Project_DEMO.ipynb

HI. I am working on tracking hands and eyes. And I am using “Human_Project_DEMO.ipynb”

I have 2 questions about it.

  1. Q1

In this image, tracking works well. How would I modulate the size of points? or select specific points?

And about this, I am trying to work on eye-tracking for baby. As you can see of this image, It is not working well. What should I do about this to make this kind of video to work for eye-tracking?

For a zoomed-in images of humans for eye tracking you should create your own project and label the data. i.e. start from the beginning following along the Nature Protocols paper http://www.mousemotorlab.org/deeplabcut

I also just uploaded a summer course that you can use to follow along:

For the pre-trained human project you can change the dot colors and the dot size in the config.yaml. This network also assumes the human is fully visible and takes up most of the frame :slight_smile: