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Dear all,

Is it possible to create a 3d projection from two orthogonal views (frontal & lateral) using the imageJ? I have tried to stack the two orthogonal images (image->stacks->images to stacks) and view them using the 3D Viewer (plugins->3d viewer) but the image doesn’t look 3d at all…Are there anyways I can create the 3d projection with only two orthogonal views?
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Hi @vincent,

Yes it is:
Image > Stacks > Orthogonal Views

No, orthogonal views are projections and don’t contain all the information necessary to create a 3D volume. There’s no plugin that can do that.

There are however tomography methods that aim to reconstruct a 3D volume from multiple (usually more than 2) projection images (see http://imagej.net/Multiview-Reconstruction).

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Oh shoot sorry I did not understand properly the question :confused:

But why the EOS system can use two orthogonal views to form 3d image?

You mean the 3D printing stuff?
Can you point us to where they state they can? I guess they limit themselves to binary images maybe…

They probably restrict themselves to objects that are 1) continuous and 2) convex. In that case it is possible to reconstruct the 3D volume.

But if you have e.g. two discontinous objects like these two beads:

xy: and yz:

there are two possible configurations; here are two compatible yz projections:


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It seems that EOS are not using the orthogonal views to form the 3d projection instead they model the “3d amination” based on the two orthogonal x-rays…

@vincent could you provide a link to this EOS system you are referring to?

Here is the link