About Cell Painting V3 advantage

Hello everyone.
Please tell me about the Cell painting protocol V3.
This protocol originates from the new Broad Institute, but what are its advantages over traditional protocols?
If the discussion here is not optimal, please tell me where to discuss it.

Personally, I feel that the cost of reagents will be improved.

Hi @daisukekubota,

Please check this links, hope it may help you.


We are currently preparing a manuscript on this, but briefly, the changes in the protocol were made to either a) reduce time/steps where necessary b) reduce reagent costs where possible c) improve statistical matching between replicates of the same perturbation or d) some combination of a,b, and c. We think that this will make the protocol overall easier to adopt, but it’s still fundamentally quite similar to the original protocol, so if that’s working well in your hands, you need not adjust anything!

Thank you very much.
So what are the benefits of the new V3 protocol over the traditional protocol?

It will be slightly cheaper and faster to run, and we believe more accurate across a wide range of phenotypes.