About behavior change of fitspline () and Line.getFloatPolygon()

Hello, @Wayne,

There seems to be a change in the behavior of this recently, but I would like to know the reason.
Some of my plugins are stuck due to this… :cry:
As a solution, it might help to have a method that returns a PolygonRoi after spline.
It seems that getFloatPolygon () has also changed, so is this a function?
Thank you.


I also forgot to write.

OutOfMemoryError: Requested array size exceeds VM limit has also come out in stream process.

OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space has also come out in for loop process.


There seems to be an error because the number of points to go to spline is extremely small or infinite.

Apparently it was due to the change in Line.getFloatPolygon ().
I would like to consider how to avoid this change.

The order of returning points seems to have changed, which may be a major cause.

old method

    // 1        4
    //  --------
    // |------->|
    //  --------
    // 2        3

recent method

    // 2        1
    //  --------
    // |------->|
    //  --------
    // 3        4

In the latest daily build (1.53b31), the order of the points returned by Line.getFloatPolygon() is the same as it was in 1.52t and earlier.


Thank you very much!
I will try the version soon.