About 3D OC Options

Hi. I have FIJI which I update regularly. I was trying to apply some options for stack using 3D OC Options. However I cannot open that window even if I use ImageJ sample stacks. Program opens window called “Console” where it is written “3D OC Options are not up-to-date because 1 source files are not up-to-date”. Something is wrong because it gives me same message regardless what stack I am using (my stacks, or ImageJ sample stacks Flybrain and confocal stacks). Please let me know what can I do to use 3D OC Options. Thank you.


I have not used 3D OC Options myself… but when I tried to look it up on the wiki it redirects to the plugin 3D Objects Counter. This plugin seems to work well, and one of the developers is active here on the Forum (@chalkie666). Does it have the same/similar functionality that you would need for your analysis?

If you really need to use 3D OC Options … then perhaps you need to go back in time and use an ‘older’ installation of Fiji/ImageJ (check the Downloads page of the ImageJ wiki for older versions)?

Sorry this doesn’t directly answer your question… Perhaps others on the Forum can provide better advise/guidance, but I hope it helps a bit.


Hi @1timur1
It works for me before and after unjust updated Fiji.
So you probably have a messed up Fiji installation.
Back up any scripts or nonnfiji plugin you had installed, trash your Fiji and install a new one and update it. It should work fine.

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Thank you! I reinstalled Fiji and now it works. Have a wonderful afternoon!