AA Aotf Error windows 10 x64

Hoping someone might have experience with this.
I’m working on a system which uses the AA Aotf driver.
It’s a known good working system.
When connecting using Windows 10x64, and the default windows serusb.sys driver, it seems that attempts to control the port settings by any software (arduino IDE, python, Micromanager etc) fail to be accepted.

Attached are CFG files from a working version, as well as a screenshot showing the cutoff on the serial line once a configuration command is issued. Before we spend a bunch of work debugging I figured I’d ask the community if anyone has successfully used the AAAOTF driver, and if so did you already climb this particular hill?

(Config file is named as txt).

20200831_AAAOTF.txt (2.1 KB)


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Hi Austin,

I don’t personally have experience with the AA devices, but I would start by determining whether it is specific to Micro-Manager or an issue with the USB-serial driver. Can you communicate with the device using a serial terminal? If not, I would ask the manufacturer for the correct driver (I’m assuming the USB-serial chip is built into the device), or try to determine the model of the USB-serial chip they use (sometimes can be determined from Windows’s Device Manager) and get the driver for it.

Hi Mark - yeah it’s oddball, I think it’s the serial driver, but didn’t want to go too crazy if someone else had already chewed this dirt. Sounds like that’s the direction - thanks for the heads up!