A recent issue about the function of manual edit in MicrobeJ plugin

I found out that the manual editing function of MicrobJ is no longer available since last Sunday (January 10). Before that, the software was able to automatically identify and contour the cell location, including some unwanted particles (usually contoured in red), and allow to manually adjust (double-click) the cell contour and segment cells. But now there are no unwanted particles in the result list automatically analyzed by the software (so that those cannot be manually selected). In addition, the cell contour recognized by the software is not allowed to be adjusted, and cannot be segmented or edited by any manual modification tools, just like all the particles are locked.

Attached is a tutorial on manual editing from the MicrobJ website, the 6th video.

Both Fiji and MicrobJ are the latest versions. Is the problem a bug caused by the software update or is there any way to restore the manual editing function? Thanks!