A label wrapped inside another label

In my segmentation tasks, and I believe in many others’, one label should be completely wrapped inside another. (in the attached image: the red label inside the green the and the green inside the purple.)
The way I do it now -Freehand selection- depends a lot on my nerves. :smile
I think it would help a lot if there were a way to subtract a zone from the other.
This way I would choose the purple, then choose the green zone and substract it from the purple.
And this would be useful: imagine all those biological things with something wrapping them.
(Should I take this question (or suggestion) to the development section?)

Weka.bmp (1.7 MB)

Hi Asef,

this might help

  • draw the outside shape with the freehand tool,
  • hold down the control key
  • draw the second shape

This will take the difference of the two shapes.



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Wow! I am impressed.
Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:
The only thing is that for me it is the ‘Alt’ key.
Maybe a version issue?

Yes, that’s a Mac vs windows thing. From the wiki

Composite Selections

Hold the shift key down when creating an area selection and it will be added to the existing selection. Hold down the alt key and it will be subracted from the existing selection. To add a non-square rectangle or ellipse, release the shift key after you start adding the selection.
Compound Selections