A High Performance CellProfiler framework using Jenkins-CI

Greetings to all;

Congratulations to the CellProfiler team and community for securing NIH support for another 4 years!
I just wanted to make you aware of some additional CellProfiler related news.

Recently, I’ve presented a talk at the Jenkins User Conference 2014 meeting in Boston with the title: ‘Jenkins CI, an Open Source Continuous Integration System, as a Scientific Data and Image Processing Platform’.

The talk described a high performance Jenkins-CellProfiler based framework for high content screening that we have implemented at Novartis. In addition to running CellProfiler on an SGE cluster, the framework presents a platform that allows non-technical users to access the cluster through a web portal and perform a variety of CellProfiler related tasks, including annotating and sharing image processing pipelines and image lists.

The most up-to-date set of slides can be found here
Take a look here, if you would like to learn more about Jenkins-Continuous Integration (or Jenkins-CI, for short).

Also, recently I’ve joined the BioUno open source project that advocates the use of CI tools for building bioinformatic and computational workflows. We plan to open source the Jenkins-CellProfiler work as soon as I can remove Novartis specific dependencies from the code.

In the mean time, if you would like to collaborate, ask questions, or make suggestions please do not hesitate to contact the BioUno mailing list.

Enjoy the summer weather in Boston!
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This is really cool!

Wonderful! We are so grateful you took the time to share the news.