A bug issue for a colocalization Macro based on the Find Maxima

I would like to use the Macro code that Dr. Richardson developed for colocalization that I have found through his website after hearing his teaching on youtube.

The original code is from GitHub - dsrichardson/fiji_macros (2D-object_colocalization)

However, I have run into a couple problems. It can not split the image that I got from Leica Microscope. I managed modify the code to input the images as two single channel images. However, it does not allow me to input the prominence values or cut off values shown on youtube.

After I set the prominence values and cut off values as fixed values, it still gave me the following error.

Error: No return value in line 101:

Coloc1in2 = calc_coloc ( chan1_x_values , chan2_x_values , chan1_y_values , chan2_y_values , cutoff <)> ;

It seems to be the best way to quantify my images by finding the Maxima method because the one of my marker expressed from the plasmid, causing heterogenous expression.
Object_Coloc_Macro by Dr. Richardson.txt (5.3 KB)
Object Coloc_Macro_forYpt1nAur1 by Dr. Rechardson.txt (4.6 KB)
trs85 c5-1 (4).tif (351.8 KB)
trs85 c5-1 (3).tif (351.8 KB)

Attached please find the original and modified version of the Macro codes and a couple of images that I try to do colocalization. The images are 8 bit gray color.

I have got my image results for more than a month and have tried to reach out to Dr. Richardson for help a couple of times. He must be too busy to respond to me.

May someone on this Forum kindly help me to run through either the original code or the one modified by me (blindly) using the attached images and fix the bug issue so that I may use it to analyze my data?

Your early response will be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.


Sarah Zhao

Dear @szhao55 ,

I would ping @Doug_Richardson directly here, as these are his macros you are using. Hopefully he can help.

All the best


Thanks, Olivier. I did email him but I do not know how to do it through the forum. May you show me how to do it?