4 channel image

I have an image with for staining, dapi, + 3 other staining. Is there a way to split the image into 4 channels?

Hey @rsafavi_rsafavi

have you tried the menu Image > Colour > Split Channels?


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Yes, that splits the image into 3 channels. It seems like it does not recognize the dapi channel

Ok. Could you share an example image with us so that we can try to find out what’s going wrong?


Unfortunately the data is private and I’m not allowed to share that. But you might be able to help me if I ask my question in another way.

I have two images, each with 4 channels, and each channel is saved as .tiff. the main goal for me is to do image registration between these two images. Is there a way to do manual image registration between the two images? In a way that whatever transformation that is applied to one of the image’s channel, the same transformation can be applied to the other channels in the same image?

Hey @rsafavi_rsafavi,

I’m a bit confused. However, to answer your registration question: Have you tried the landmark based registration?

I hope that helps.


Dear Robert,
I have a similar problem: the TIF file 4 channels are merged. I want to split the four channels and generate new image (change colors) in ImageJ/Figi.
In ImageJ I changed the number of channels to 4 in Properties, yet after split images came from only three channels .

I have an image to share.

Hi @Vered,

You can upload your image from the message editor (with the 7th icon from the left )