3DViewer Not Presenting Newly Traced Work

Howdy y’all! My problem might not be unique but I’ve hunted for a solution to no avail. I have been tracing cellular structures of an organism using TrakEM2, making areatrees and nodes. This file had previous traces on it before I started, I just started adding to it.

When I try to open up all the traced work in 3D Viewer, all that comes up is everything that has been previously traced and none of the newer work. Rather, when I load something new, it claims that “WARNING: AreaTree multicolor mesh is not yet implemented.” Even though, other traced cells appear that happened to have been traced prior.

My real issue is I want to remove these files and work in a 3D program, such as blender. But without 3D Viewer, I cannot convert the xml file into an stl or an object. Does anyone have any suggestions on the direction I should take? Trying to make sure I don’t lose everything I’ve collected. I am working on Windows 10.