3D volume viewer doesn't open

I get no response, but when I’m standing on the ImajeJ icon from the desktop tool- bar I can see it but not open it. I have Java version 8. I’m working with it for almost 2 years, never happen before.

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Do you by chance work with a multi-screen setup or recently changed your screen resolution? You can try to move the Volume Viewer 2.0 window to your primary screen using the following Javascript:


WindowManager.getWindow("Volume Viewer 2.0").setLocation(0, 0);

Also, it seems that the Volume Viewer plugin hasn’t received any updates since 2012. Did you try to use the 3D Viewer or ClearVolume instead?

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Thanks for answering.

I’m not working with a multi-screen (even though I’ve done it before and never had this problem). I am using 3D viewer, the problem is that I can’t open the window anymore. I only see it like the photo I have attached.

In the photo you sent we can see the Volume Viewer is open, not the 3D Viewer. They are different plugins.

Hi everyone,

I am reusing this thread, because the headline is so fitting - I have exactly that problem that the 3D Viewer is not opening on some computers.
A little context: I have Fiji on my laptop and the 3D viewer is running fine, I open a 3D file (one channel, 30 slices, 21 timepoints), I go to the viewer, the dialog window opens and then I have my 3D view. Now I want to do the exact same thing on our workstation and nothing happens. I click on the viewer and nothing happens. No error message, Fiji doesn’t crash, just nothing.
Now, I tried transferring “my” Fiji from the laptop to the workstation, I de- and re-installed Java, I allocated more memory to Fiji, also downloaded a “fresh” Fiji - no success.
In the fresh Fiji I got this message in the Log “3D [dev] 1.6.0-scijava-2-pre11-daily-experimental daily”, but a quick Google told me it shouldn’t stop the plug-in from working.

Did anyone have the same problem and found a way to fix it? Am I missing something obvious?

As usual, thanks in advance for any help,
best Hanna