3D Viewer Scale Bar Flawed Formatting

I am trying to acquire a 3D rendered image of the volume of a series of images. When I add a scale bar to the image, it shows up upside down and there doesn’t seem to be an option to alter this. Does anyone have an explanation or solution?

If you mean the Analyze->Tools->Scale Bar

you might be interested in this posts:

Welcome to the forum, @mwancura!

I assume you mean the menu command View > Edit Scalebar within the 3D Viewer?

I just tested and can reproduce the issue with the Bat Cochlea Volume sample image, (e.g. setting x and y position as well as length to 20):

Also, the display behavior of the scale bar is strange when moving the volume around in 3D.

I’m not sure if and how this functionality exists in ClearVolume and ThreeDViewer, the projects that are meant to replace the current 3D Viewer in the long term.

Maybe @ctrueden, @kephale and/or @haesleinhuepf can comment on that…

Does this bug happen with the Java 6 / Java 3D 1.5 version of the 3D Viewer?

If so: has anyone bisected the 3D Viewer source to find out when it started?

We’re nearly there in ThreeDViewer thanks to @skalarproduktraum’s fancy font rendering system, which solves a lot of the rendering artifacts that pop up in 3D Viewer.

@skalarproduktraum’s font rendering is also the same solution that would be used in ClearVolume.