3d viewer nullpointerexception

I’m using java 8 with 3d viewer plugin and the code below. Not sure why it shows a null pointer exception.

String path = "C:/Users/junon/workspace2/image.tif";
ImagePlus imgPlus = IJ.openImage(path);
new StackConverter(imgPlus).convertToGray8();
Image3DUniverse imgUni = new Image3DUniverse();

Trace: ImageWindow3D.java:97 is Toolbar.getInstance().setTool(Toolbar.HAND);

***** polygon with only one vertex?! *****

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
	at ij3d.ImageWindow3D.<init>(ImageWindow3D.java:97)
	at ij3d.DefaultUniverse.show(DefaultUniverse.java:464)
	at ij3d.Image3DUniverse.show(Image3DUniverse.java:140)
	at ImageJ3D.main(ImageJ3D.java:16)

I can’t reproduce, as this Groovy script (run from the script editor) works as expected and shows an empty 3D Viewer window:

import ij3d.Image3DUniverse

imgUni = new Image3DUniverse();

Are you running an up-to-date Fiji installation with the Java-8 update site enabled?