3d viewer issues on Windows

Continuing the discussion from TrakEM2 not working on Mac:


I’m also having this issue but on Windows 10 ( Specifically, I’ve been trying to create 3d projections from my arealists of a cell on TrakEM2 by right-clicking on the TrakEM2 Project Bars and clicking “Show in 3D.” When placing the resample value some value between 4-45, organelles are reconstructed well. However, when I try to get the projection for much larger arealists (like an entire cell surface) it still does not load even when running over days and often shows the error message “reset 3D view if not in field of view.” I know it has been suggested to try using Plugin–>3D viewer as a work-around, however, this shows the entire a projection of the entire cell layer (instead of just the arealists). Is there anyway to fix this issue?