3D viewer is crashing Fiji

When I use the 3D viewer on my ubuntu 19.10 machine using a freshly downloaded Fiji: ImageJ 1.52p java 1.8.0_172

The following will be written to the console:

Then Fiji crashes. Attached the .log file.hs_err_pid20275.zip (27.1 KB)

  • Try with a newer Java 8? Should be easy to test.
  • Try with a newer build of Java 3D. Either the original JOGL-based fork from hharrison or the official JogAmp one from philjord—both have new patches since I forked the SciJava version more than 3 years ago. Harder to test, because you’d have to reapply (some of) the SciJava patches on top of upstream, build the JARs yourself, replace them in your Fiji installation.