3D Viewer Error when opening STL file


i am new to this Forum and please i need assistance with Image J plugin 3D Viewer. Actually i want to convert and Stl generated with Salome Platform to a stack of image or Voxelized Images.

After opening the file with 3D Viewer, nothing appears and in the console i have this error message, i am using windows 8.1 64 bits . i even installed Blender and saved as Stl file but still nothing appears

INFO] Reading available sites from https://imagej.net/
3D [dev] 1.6.0-scijava-2-pre11-daily-experimental daily

Exception in thread “Thread-8” java.lang.NullPointerException
at ij3d.ContentCreator$HyperStackIterator.(ContentCreator.java:280)
at ij3d.ContentCreator$HyperStackIterator.getIterable(ContentCreator.java:267)
at ij3d.ContentCreator$FileIterator.getIterable(ContentCreator.java:207)
at ij3d.ContentCreator.getImages(ContentCreator.java:183)
at ij3d.gui.ContentCreatorDialog.createContent(ContentCreatorDialog.java:177)
at ij3d.gui.ContentCreatorDialog.showDialog(ContentCreatorDialog.java:163)
at ij3d.Executer.addC(Executer.java:202)
at ij3d.Executer.access$000(Executer.java:97)
at ij3d.Executer$1.run(Executer.java:195)

please could anyone help? Thanks in advance

how did you open the STL file in the 3D Viewer? Via File>Import surfaces>STL?

Hi Bene,

i opened the Stl file in 3D Viewer like this, via open and then i choose the file,
after i tried as you describe above.

Hi Bene,
for some reasons that i can not explain, i am stuck with my stl file that i want to convert to stack of images or voxelize it. i am using the 3D Viewer because ThreeDViewer on windows 10 gives errors. i have the image opened in the 3D Viewer, but i do not see how to convert it or voxelize it.

Please could anyone help, i am stuck for weeks now