3D viewer crashes when resizing the window



Hi all,

I’m using 3D viewer with an XYZT file. When I select the surface display, it seems to work fine (I get to see a proper surface reconstruction and move it around) but I tried to resize the 3D viewer window and the surface reconstruction got stuck. In the resized window, now I get to see a time scale bar, zoom, recording and player options that weren’t visible before, but they don’t work either. I get these error messages in the console:

com.jogamp.opengl.GLException: detachAllImpl failed: FBO implementation fault, FBO[name r/w 2/2, init true, bound true, size 519x518, samples 0/8, modified true/true, depth RenderAttachment[type DEPTH, format 0x81a5, samples 0, 519x518, name 0xffffffff, obj 0x36a3ab7], stencil null, colorbuffer attachments: 1/8, with 1 textures: [TextureAttachment[type COLOR_TEXTURE, target GL_TEXTURE_2D, level 0, format 0x8051, 519x518, border 0, dataFormat 0x1907, dataType 0x1401; min/mag 0x2600/0x2600, wrap S/T 0x812f/0x812f; name 0xffffffff, obj 0xe8fbb2b], null, null, null, null, null, null, null], msaa[null, hasSink false, dirty true], state FBO implementation fault, obj 0x70cf8f12]
	at com.jogamp.opengl.FBObject.detachAllImpl(FBObject.java:2198)
	at com.jogamp.opengl.FBObject.reset(FBObject.java:1139)
	at org.scijava.java3d.JoglPipeline.resizeOffscreenLayer(JoglPipeline.java:6290)
	at org.scijava.java3d.Canvas3D.setViewport(Canvas3D.java:4864)
	at org.scijava.java3d.Renderer.doWork(Renderer.java:993)
	at org.scijava.java3d.J3dThread.run(J3dThread.java:271)
Exception occurred in RenderingErrorListener:
	at ij3d.ImageWindow3D$ErrorListener.errorOccurred(ImageWindow3D.java:351)
	at org.scijava.java3d.VirtualUniverse.notifyRenderingErrorListeners(VirtualUniverse.java:1198)
	at org.scijava.java3d.NotificationThread.processNotifications(NotificationThread.java:86)
	at org.scijava.java3d.NotificationThread.run(NotificationThread.java:104)

I’m working on a macOS High Sierra with Java 8.

I know 3D viewer has a lot of issues lately, but any help would be very much appreciated.


There was some record of this error recently. It was observed to have gone away on updated systems. IIRC, High Sierra should be working, but someone else who is up for debugging 3D viewer will have to chime in.

If you can use SciView, then you might be better off. 3D viewer isn’t being actively maintained, while SciView is being actively developed by multiple members of the IJ community. If your use case is not currently covered by SciView, then let us know and we will make sure it is supported. Surface reconstructions, and video recording are currently supported.


Thank you so much for the quick response :slight_smile:
I will definitely try to use SciView for my images then.