3D Viewer cannot display the 3D thickness map by BoneJ

Hello guys:

I would like to ask a question about the 3D visualization of the thickness map by BoneJ. I used the BoneJ plugin to calculate the thickness map of a image stack (500 images). After I imported the thickness map (500 images) into the 3D viewer, only a 2D strucutre displays in the window. I just cannot figure out the reason why 3D structure does not show. It makes me crazy! Is there anyone knowing something about that?
Fig 1 is the thickness maps of 500 images and Fig.2 is the generated 2D structure.

1.tif (261.6 KB)
2.tif (105.2 KB)


Could be that the z-spacing of the pixels is not set or is set to a too-small value. Check the pixel spacing in Image > Properties.

Yes, you’re right. It is fixed now. Do you know how to set the legend for the colors? Because the thickness map seems has no illustration about the colors they use in the 3D structure.