3D segmentation and Exploded view


I have a 3D mesh with fully labelled layers and I want to obtain an exploded view, but only by layers.

How should I proceed to obtain a view where the layers are spaced from one another?

I have already run “Mesh/Heat Map/Analysis/Cell Analysis 3D” so what I would like to know is how to set the different parameters of the process “Mesh>Visualization 3D > Exploded Mesh” (or another process if there is one).

Many thanks in advance,


Hi Emilie,

It is possible to do that, but you first need a “cell type” label for the different layers. There are different ways to obtain them, for instance using the Cell Atlas Meristem processes. Let us know if you have trouble with that. (On how that would look like on the example of a root, see attached image below)

Once you have the cell type labels in the parent label you can use the process “Mesh/Visualization 3D/Translate by Parent” where you can specify how far and in which direction you want to move the different layers. You can always reset the view via “Restore Original Mesh” in the same folder.