3D ROI Manager - How to classify objects?

Good morning everyone and happy new year !

I am newly using the 3D Image Suite (by @ThomasBoudier) function : 3D ROI Manager to specifically visualize, count and calculate the volumes of objects on an image.

However, I am encountering a little problem because on the image, there are some object (> 10 000 objects) I would like to erase; and their common point is that they correspond to very small - small volumes.

Is there a way to classify on the 3D ROI Manager the object depending on their volume, and thus, select the ones to remove from the image ?

Thank you in advance for your help, and have a nice day,
Nabil Nicolas.

Hi @NabilNicolas ,

If you use the 3D Manager, if you measure the volumes of objects using Measure3D, you can :

  1. Select the column header for volume Vol(unit) or Vol(pix)
  2. Select the rows of smaller objects with Shit-Select
  3. Then go to Menu/Show Objects to select the objects in the 3D Manager list
  4. Delete (from the list only) the objects or Erase (delete from list and from image) the objects

Hope this helps



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Hello @ThomasBoudier,

Thank you very much for your advice that surely is going to be helpful.
I will let you know as soon as I have the result.

Best regards,

Good morning @ThomasBoudier,

Thank you again for your advice. The treatment is working very well.

Have a nice day,