3D Porous Media Reconstruction

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I find that ImageJ is a powerful tool to process the image and want to know if the ImageJ can reconstruct a 3D porous media with a single 2D image. The literature review on this issue showed that most some correlations were used in the process.

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Can you post here some images describing what you want to achieve? It would really help to understand better your problem

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If there’s only one 2D image, could I use imagej to reconstruct a 3D model?

You might want to give a try to the Interactive 3D Surface Plot plugin with the z = xy Ratio option checked:


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But I don’t think it will work if I need a 3D geometry which can be exported and analyzed by other software.

For that you should use the Surface Plot 2D option in the 3D viewer. There you can export the surface in .OBJ format, for instance.

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