3D object counter- Why is the value of the surface not more than 1?

I have a problem with the 3D object counter. The results of the 3D object counter showed that the surface values of every object is not more than 1(Please see the following table). I want to know the surface is the fraction of surface voxels or the surface area? How can I get the surface area?
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From the manual:

Surface: determines the surface of the object, taking into account the dif-
ferences of dimensions between the xy, xz and yz sides of the surface voxels.
Figure 2.2 presents an illustration of the dierences of surfaces between the
surfaces of the voxels, due to the disparity of dimensions along the x, y and
z axes in optical microscopy. NB/ The image should be spatially calibrated
prior to analysis.

Did you check the z-spacing of your stack?



Dear Herbie,
Thanks for your help. It is very useful.

BoneJ’s Particle Analyser calculates each particle’s surface area from a surface mesh, which may help with your questions.

You can try it in BoneJ2.

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Dear mdoube,
Thanks for your help. I will try them.