3D Model for Inter-Trabecular Angle (ITA) Node-Branch Network

With the Ellipsoid Factor, a very nice colour-coded 3D model is produced upon completion of the analysis, which shows the regions of high or low EF.

Is it possible to produce a 3D model showing all of the nodes and branches produced during the ITA analysis?

Is it possible to produce similar models which only include 3N, 4N or 5N nodes?

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There are no immediate plans (or capacity) to do this as far as I know, I am afraid, although I think it’s a nice idea. You might be able to get away with saving the “Edge endpoints” ITA output table as a csv, and render that in Paraview or similar via a python script, but won’t be straightforward…

You might like to try Analyse Skeleton, which identifies node (junction) and edge pixels. It might be possible to label and colour junction pixels by their valence, but I wonder if doing that will duplicate work, rather than extend ITA or Analyse Skeleton rationally.

@iarganda may like to comment.

@alessandrofelder @mdoube ok, food for thought. Thanks very much for your responses.


Hey @FlynnLachendro, @mdoube and @alessandrofelder,

Sorry for the late answer! Quite a few years ago I wrote this script to render the output of the AnalyzeSkeleton plugin in the 3D viewer. Maybe you can reuse it or adapt it to your needs.