3D Microscopy Deconvolution

I have recently started learning about deblurring images using deconvolution. I have a stack of images (in .tif format) of size 873 MB (1392 x 1040) and a total of 301 images in a single .tif stack which I want to deconvolve. I do not have the PSF but I have the following details:

Numerical Aperture: 0.3

Refractive Index: 1.00

Emission Wavelength: 620 nm

Specimen Thickness: 3

I need to generate a PSF and then deconvolve the image. I have tried PSF Generator but I’m not able to save the PSF Image. I can see the PSF image stack but I’m not able to find a way to save it. I have also tried deconvolutionLab2 but it gets stuck probably because (probably) the image is too big.
I also tried to use DeconvolutionLab2 with a sample PSF and the image but the software stops working.

Please tell me what I can do for an efficient way of deconvolving the image and also generating the PSF.