3D measurements in MorphoLibJ

I am using MorphoLibJ to segment nuclei in one channel and I need then to transfer the bounding boxes to another channel to visualize and measure the regions there. I have tried with Analyse/ Intensity Measurement 2D/3D, however I don’t find how to visualized the transfered labels or boxes on the new channel. Is there a way to do so?
Thanks a lot!

Hello Prisca,

there are two kinds of things in what you want to do:

  • if you want to draw the an overlay of the bounding box, equivalent ellipse, oriented box… then you need to call the corresponding plugin, and choose the image you want to add the overlay. I have not tried to play with channels, so maybe it is necessary to split the channels of the target image if you want to display only on one channel.
  • intensity measurement compute the summary statistics based on the intensity values within a region. There is no overlay option directly in the plugin. But you can use the “Assign Measures to labels” to combine the resulting table with a label map to create an image in which the values corresponds to the table column you have chosen.

Hope this helps?