3D Image Viewer add Text annotation


Does someone know how to:

  • Change the title of the ImageJ 3D Viewer window?
  • Add text annotation inside the viewer window?

My use case is that I can have multiple of those windows open and would like to keep track of which window belongs to which object.

@imagejan: do you know the handle of Benjamin? …or how I could find out his handle?


Searching for “Benjamin Schmid” in the forum search is unsuccessful, because I think he calls himself @bene.schmid

Text annotation demo will become available in the next SciView release https://github.com/scenerygraphics/sciview/issues/188

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Hi @Christian_Tischer,

Don’t know if that is what you need but adding a point with the point tool allows you to add an annotation a ypecific places at the displayed surface.

Programatically that might work via the picker:

But I can’t confirm that.

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