3D fiber network

I have a stack of 2D images which I have already bineralized. The image contains 3 components; fibers which are the distinct black streaks you’ll see by scrolling through the stacks, pores and vugs which are the other black pixels apart from the fibers, and the matrix which is the white pixels. Does anyone have an Idea on how I can render the image in 3D to show how the fibers cut through the pores. I am thinking there may be a way to distinguish the fibers from the pores based on shape and length. Preferably, I will like to have the fibers, pores and matrix as 3 distinct classes rendered in different colors. An alternative outcome will be to render the image In 3D such that the pores and fibers appear as one class while the matrix which in this case is represented by the white pixels will be rendered as a second class using a color with high transparency so that the pores and fibers can be seen distinctly. I have shared the binaeralized stack here (click on link). I can provide the unsegmented tiff stack as well.