3D correlation using ec-clem


I started to use ec-clem to correlate two 3D volumes. Everything works well until I calculate the transformation. I manage to get the overlay but then the Z from the FM stack disappears, and I can no longer navigate within the stack, meaning I can’t finalize the correlation. There’s a big difference of scale between the two stacks, could it be the issue?

I actually use the version of Icy, and of ec-clem. The RAM available is 114 GB so I don’t think it is the main issue.

Thank you very much!

I’ve been having the exact same issue recently. I’m trying to correlate two 3D volumes that have a large difference in scale. After computing the transformation the FM volume is transformed but all the slices in the stack are identical. I’ll add that non-rigid transformation properly transforms the entire stack, its just the 3D transform that isn’t working.

I’m also using version of Icy (Windows) and of ec-clem.

Hi Patrick,

I finally solved the issue concerning my own dataset: one of the data got the Z dimension called Z; but the second one was T. After conversion with icy from T to Z, it fixed the problem.
I hope this will help you!