3D Connected Component Labeling with Featues


Is there a plugin for finding 3D connected components or “blobs” that ALSO gives features for each component? As in volume/area/size specifically? I tried MorphLibJ but it doesn’t give you info on the componenets and IJBlob didn’t seem to work in the ImageJ/Fiji interface, any other way I can do this?

Hi Brent,
There are 3D component analysis tools in MorphoLibJ, but there are distinct from the labeling part.
The “Connected Components Labeling” plugin will transform a 2D/3D binary image into a 2D/3D label image, each label corresponding to a connected component.

If you want to measure volume or surface, you need to run the “MorphoLibJ->Analyze -> Particle Analysis 3D” on the label image. You will be able to measure volume, surface area, or other features such as inertia ellipsoid.

Hope this clarifies?