2D vs 3D Analysis Workshop Using Fiji/ImageJ & CellProfiler by FUJIFILM on 19th Nov 2020

Fujifilm Wako Automation will host a free Zoom session demonstrating how to build an effective 2D & 3D image analysis pipeline in Fiji/ImageJ & CellProfiler. Previously, Fujifilm Wako Automation hosted a seminar that discussed the requirements, techniques, and limitations of 3D image analysis using Fiji and CellProfiler. Hundreds of users attended and provided overwhelmingly positive feedback. This new session will be a live demonstration rather than a seminar. Starting with a set of Z stack images, Dr. Balasubramanian will build a 3D analysis pipeline using Fiji & CellProfiler, create MIPs of the Z stack images, and then build a new 2D pipeline within Fiji & CellProfiler. Special attention will be made describing segmentation techniques , as well as highlighting the difference between 3D and 2D analysis. The workshop will be open to questions and comments.
Space is limited

Nov 19th @ 10AM Eastern US time
Register for free at https://www.wakoautomation.com/events