2D particle shape analysis




I am new to ImageJ. I am looking to process images of 2D particles and automate particle shape analysis. I want to quantify traditional parameters e.g. below:

• ‘roundness’ is a measure of angularity and is quantified as the average radius of curvature of particle surface features relative to the radius of the maximum sphere that can be inscribed in the particle.
• ‘sphericity’ is a measure of particle ‘ellipticity’ or ‘platiness’ and is quantified as the radius ratio between the largest inscribed and the smallest circumscribing sphere.

Please could someone point me in the right direction with this?

Many thanks for your help!


Dear @alistersmith10,

after binarizing your images, you can use the built-in Analyze Particles together with Set Measurements to compute the Roundness as well as Sphericity for each detected particle.

You might want to take a look at the workshops on segmentation as well as the wiki page.



Hi @alistersmith10

I also looking for plugins which can calculate the sphericity and roundness like the definition shown in the chart. I tried the biovixool and particles8 but the definitions are not the same.

Have you found the right way?

Look forward to your reply.





if there anay solution for this problem?? I have the same problem as the given calculation for roundness is in my opinion not correct.


An opinion is not sufficient, we need an example!


Hi, Wenbin,
It seems that you are using Fiji to analyze images of granular materials. I was also wondering how to use Fiji to get shape parameters like roundness and sphericity. MorpholibJ can give the value of sphericity of a 3D particle, but the formula the plugin use is V^2/S^3 ×36/π according to the source code put on Github: https://github.com/ijpb/MorphoLibJ/blob/master/src/main/java/inra/ijpb/plugins/ParticleAnalysis3DPlugin.java
However, I want to calculate the value of sphericity based on definitions given in classic literature.
I would be very grateful if you could give me any hint on this. Anything would be very helpful to me

Jack lee