2D-3D image registration

Hi, I want to register a 2D light micrograph onto 3D CT data set. Position known in 3D data is approximate so I need to find the right tilt, yaw, pitch etc to register the 2D image onto the correct plane in 3D data. Which softwares are available to do this task?

After registration I need to extract ROI from CT data.

I have already tried Dragonfly software, could reach close to the image plane, but fine tuning of registration is a problem. This platform also allows Python workflows, if there is one I can try to use.

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Hi Chaturanga, @Chaturangab

welcome to Image.sc! I think what you are looking for has been discussed quite often (see this thread), there is a google spreadsheet with a number of 2D->3D registration tools…

I programmed a tool that’s called Slice2Volume , but if you don’t know the exact location of your histological section with respect to the 3D data, it could be tricky. May I ask what organ you are referring to in your case?

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Hi Johannas,
Thanks for your message.
I will check your program in the other thread. Mine is soil.