2.1.1 rev 6c2d896 running extremely slow

I’m running 2.1.1 rev 6c2d896 on Win7 64bit 8GB RAM Xeon E5-1620 3.6GHz, with a super fast SSD, and it’s really really slow. I have to wait many seconds for it to split a color into gray scale, and then what feels like minutes to get it to identify the nuclei with a three class thresholding.

Is there anything I can do to speed it up? Let me know if you need diagnostics from me.


I did notice that the images are about 4k wide, so resizing helped a lot. Still not fast by any means, and I’m surprised that a 6MB data set is enough to jam things up like that…

Hi Neil,
Quick question: DO you have the module display windows open when you are running the pipeline? It could be that rendering the multi-panel display in ColorToGray or IdentifyPrimary is responsible…?